Mastering Visual Triangles in Layout Design

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Learn the art of Visual Triangles in conjunction with foundational Design Principles to elevate your photo artistry and digital scrapbooking layout designs.



Master the Art of Visual Triangles

A self-paced class sharing everything you need to know about understanding and using visual triangles in layout design.

  • Understand WHAT they are and WHY you need them.
  • HOW they work to ENSURE appealing layout design.
  • All the WAYS you can CREATE them to elevate your pages.

What You Will LEARN:

  • MASTERY of visual triangles to ELEVATE overall visual appeal of your layout designs.
  • Use visual triangles with  Design Principles in conjunction with the concepts of Line and Intersection to yield strong design foundations.
  • ‘Map out’ your layouts and create BLUEPRINTS to find BEST placement for your Embellishments.
  • 5 Categories of APPROACHES for effective use of Visual Triangles with your DigitalART supplies.
  • Realize the Fluidity and Flexibility to ENHANCE your creative processes.

What You Can EXPECT:

(1) 3 HR Self-Paced Course

7 Video Lessons with 60 Layout Examples by Anna and the Creative Team

  • Introduction and Explaining Visual Triangles (14.32 mins)
  • 3 Ways Visual Triangles Improve Your Layout Design (26.07 mins)

Visual Triangles categorized into 5 Approaches:

  • By Color (33.26 mins)
  • By Shape (27.27 mins)
  • By Line (27.06 mins)
  • By Product Type (20.08 mins)
  • By Focal Points and Closing Thoughts (32.55 mins)

(2) 13 Page – Course Content

  • Delivered in .pdf format
  • Linked DigitalART
  • Illustrated with layout examples

(3) Private Facebook Group

  • Exclusive Limited Time access.
  • Ask Questions and get Feedback on your Visual Triangles
  • Available for 6 weeks ONLY through the End of October 2021.

This class is so much more than just how to create visual triangles.

It provides ‘game-changing’ INSIGHT and GUIDANCE  for approaching CONSISTENT layout design.

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10 reviews for Mastering Visual Triangles in Layout Design

  1. dianeweber0206 (verified owner)

    I’ve actually been giving a lot of thought to visual triangles recently, wondering if and how they apply to double-pages. Taking the class gave me my answers, and I know this will help my pages be better!
    Anna’s clear and deliberate instruction, accompanied by a detailed handout, provided a wealth of information.
    After the first session my confidence increased. After the second session it increased even more (and I was able to complete a page I’d been struggling with).
    At the end, I not only felt more confident but also more curious, and there is nothing better than curiosity to feed creativity!
    I’ve known about and tried to make sure I was creating visual triangles before, but now I realize there is more than one way to skin a cat.
    Color and Product Type will still likely be my primary method of creating Visual Triangles, but now I can sneak in other ways, hopefully enabling my future viewers to discover little subtleties in my pages.
    One thing I really enjoy is the inclusion of Creative Team layouts. It’s most helpful to me to see the principles applied in differing styles. Highly recommend this class!

  2. Charlene Mitchell (verified owner)

    Watching the first video, I was thinking to myself that I thought I knew what visual triangles were. I did, but there is so much more to them!
    I love the explanation of ‘Balance’ and ‘Visual Interest’. Combining these two things equals EXCITEMENT in our layouts.
    In one of the examples, you specifically show how the attention shifts by moving the elements – this is super helpful when trying to figure out why something isn’t working. The idea of placing elements at intersecting points is a game-changer.
    Full disclosure – I am (honoured) to be on Anna’s Creative Team. As CT members we ae still learning with every layout and every project.
    After going through this class, I revisited a recent layout that just would not come together. Applying the ideas and concepts from this class helped me pull it all together and create a layout I was much happier with.
    I highly recommend this class and know it will help in your layouts and artistry.

  3. Dale Botha (verified owner)

    Visual Triangles are a brilliant, dramatic and easy way to improve a layout or piece of art – why wouldn’t anyone want to learn more about that? All Anna’s classes give you what you expect and heaps more. Anna is super generous with her knowledge and explains new techniques in a very clear, concise and easy to understand manner.

    The numerous examples in this course of the many variations of Visual Triangles, gives one plenty to think about. You will never be caught short with a “what can I do to fix this layout or piece of art” moment again. Visual Triangles are one of the least used, but most powerful of the Design Principles. We all know what triangles are – let’s use them for our own benefit, and that of the viewer too!

    If the layout or digital art piece you are working on seems “off”, add one or more visual triangles using elements, stamps, brushes, colour, marks of interest etc. and you will see a definite shift in your work. It is an easy and very quick way to ground a piece and keep the viewer’s eye moving around it.

    New knowledge always brings a fresh perspective and keener awareness to my current way of working. Being able to “fix” a piece of work I may be struggling with, using new techniques, will enable me to add more interest, value and dimension to any layout going forward.

    Have fun playing with Visual Triangles!

  4. Sonya Fuller (verified owner)

    I’m three videos in and have already learned SO much. I’m humbled to say there was a lot I didn’t know The guidelines that Anna Aspnes teaches have been amazing and will help me build intentional, stronger layouts. I’m so glad I got this class!! Now I’m thinking I need to take the Design Principles class as well

    • Anna Aspnes

      Can’t wait to see you ‘fly’ in your artistry with all this new information.

  5. Kim Bartholomew (verified owner)

    I have taken several classes But this class is the best so far.

    • Anna Aspnes

      Practice always makes perfect. I always aim to improve on each and every class 🙂

  6. Miranda DENBREEJEN (verified owner)

    Love this class Anna! And the Bountiful Collection. Tried a classic still-life. It’s an easy one, with the artsy background already made, I focused on the differents blending modes and blending . After watching this class it was really more easier to put some splatters, stains and embellishments in place. Far less doubts also about the placements of the wordart! I’m always struggling with that! Even if I’m a not-native english speaking person, there is absolute no problem. Anna’s explanations of the ideas and concepts are very clear, and easily understandable. And with the very large range of exemples it really was very inspiring for me.

    • Anna Aspnes

      Love hearing this Miranda. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  7. Rhonda Austin (verified owner)

    LINES, SHAPES, and COLORS – OH MY! – Wrapped up in Visual Triangles! Anna certainly has stretched my creative mind and has given me new ways of creating and evaluation my design process as I work through each layout. I have even gone back and reviewed some older layouts. This class is a MUST in your workshop repertoire!

    • Anna Aspnes

      Thank you so much Rhonda. Love this.

  8. Beverly Cazzell (verified owner)

    Every class I’ve taken from Anna has strengthened my artistic creating process, and guided me to fully enjoying the process. The Visual Triangles class is now, by far, the best one for me, guiding me with all the fine details and techniques to create visual interest in a design page. There is a wealth of information and direction in this class, making it a “must have” for digital page creating, to elevate your artistry. Thank you Anna for continuing to help us all grow, and exceed our own expectations in this sport! You are amazing!!

    • Anna Aspnes

      Thank you for such kind words Beverly. Like you in your artistry, I aim to keep getting better at sharing with this community.

  9. Jerri Lantz (verified owner)

    I am always looking for new and better ways to improve my pages. I have heard you talk about the visual triangles and figured if you offered a course on it there must be a lot more to it than just color. And there was!

  10. Jerri Lantz (verified owner)

    Visual triangles are NOT just about color! There’s line, shape, focal point, and product type.
    Your courses always meet and exceed my expectations. You explain everything very well and since it is in video form it can be backed up and watched again if need be.There are lots of examples shown and explained where the visual triangles are, what they are, and why they are placed where they are.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I will definitely be using what I have learned in future pages. I will be thinking about where, what, and why I place the elements that I use.

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