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10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

By Thursday, November 18, 2021 (MST) 2 Comments

Today, we sharing 10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card using your DigitalART supplies.

10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card


There are a number of approaches you can use to create digital Holiday cards using the various digital products at Anna Aspnes Designs.

  • Your digital layout design will be much Smaller and perhaps a different Shape to your traditional memory keeping page.
  • This makes a card a little Simpler to design because you can adopt a ‘Less is More’ approach with fewer digital elements.
  • Aim for a single Focal Point enhanced by supporting photos and artistry.

1. Embellishment Focal Point

Use a MultiMedia or Custom Element Cluster to draw the eye into your holiday card design.


  • Merge the elements into a single layer and apply a WaterColor Filter in Adobe Photoshop.

10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

Jerri Lantz

2. Diagonal Design Approach

Position the artistry in opposing corners of the Holiday car design to create Tension.


  • Use a contrasting background and title to yield Visual Interest.
10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

Ulla-May Berndtsson

10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

Joan Robillard

3. Pictorial Element Design

Create a ‘picture’ using elements from the Anna Aspnes Designs digital asset range.

  • Arrange digital elements to support your Holiday card Theme.
  • The beach elements are cleverly arranged on the Artsy Paper foundation in the shape of a Christmas Tree.
  • Notice how the Orientation of this pictorial motif matches that of the card itself.


  • Use bright and bold colored elements sparingly to excite and lead the eye.
10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

Miki Krueger

4. Extend Design Motif

Add elements that extend the theme of your layout design.

  • Support the Focal Point with additional elements.
  • These elements should elaborate and enhance the Theme.
  • Notice how the deer and bird elements help tell a bigger Visual Story.


  • Choose a Colors that coordinate with your Focal Point.
10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

Miki Krueger

10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

Miki Krueger

5. Modify a Template

Modify a Template to create the foundation of your Holiday card design.

  • Change the Size, Reposition or ‘turn off’ the Visibility of template layers as needed.
  • Clip the photo to the FotoBlendz Clipping Mask.
  • Recolor the template layers to coordinate with Colors in your photos.


  • Personalize your card design with a ‘people’ photo.
10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

Michelle James

6. Frame a Photo

Use a digital frame element to showcase your photo.

  • Clip a photo layer to the mask layer in the Frame.
  • You can find a variety of frames in ArtPlay Palettes and the Frames categories of the Anna Aspnes Designs store.
  • Support with words and embellishments to enhance your Holiday card design.


  • Use a scan of a vintage postcard or a Photoshop Brush to create the back of your card design.

10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

Charlene Mitchell

7. Frame Design Motif

Use a digital frame to draw the eye to an artistry motif.

  • Clip an ArtsyKardz file or Artsy Paper to the mask layer in the Frame.
  • Resize and Reposition the element over the mask layer to bring a specific area of interest into view.
  • Notice how the framing draws the eye to the artistry.


  • Matte the design with a striking patterned paper.
10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

Heather Prins

8. Heritage Image Extraction

Extract a heritage photo and anchor the image to your background with a custom element cluster.

  • Use this extraction tutorial to Remove the background from your photo.
  • Apply a Drop Shadow Layer Style to your extraction to apply Depth and Dimension.
  • Choose embellishments that support both the Theme of your design and stance of your Subject.


  • Have fun with ‘dressing-up’ your heritage subject.
10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card


9. Create a Scene

Use a variety of digital elements to create a holiday scene.

  • Choose or build your own custom artsy Layout Foundation using digital papers and transfers.
  • Add brush to your background to establish a Focal Point.
  • Incorporate FotoGlows and stars to instill magic in the Holiday card design.


10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

Nancy Adams

10. Blend with FotoBlendz

Blend a photo using a FotoBlendz Clipping Mask.

  • Position your photo layer on top of the FotoBlendz Clipping Mask.
  • Go to Layer> Create Clipping Mask.
  • Notice how the photo layer conforms to the Shape of the underlying mask layer.


  • Choose a card foundation that is of similar Color to the edges of your photo ensuring better blending results.
10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

Diane Weber

10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card

Nancy Adams


There are SO many ways you can use your DigitalART supplies to create a digital holiday greeting card.

  • Create a card foundation using digital papers and transfers/overlays from ArtPlay Palettes or ArtsyTransfers.
  • Establish a Focal Points using a framed or blended photo, element cluster or constructed Holiday scene.
  • Embellish with WordART, dimensional elements and BrushSets to support the design.

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If you like this 10 Ways to Create a Holiday Card tutorial post, try this technique in your next photo artistry and or digital scrapbooking layout design, and share your layouts in the AnnaGallery.

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