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 5 Ways to Add Text to your Digital Scrapbooking

By Thursday, June 23, 2022 (MDT) No Comments

5 Ways to Interesting Text in your Digital Scrapbooking or photo artistry pages and layouts.

Follow this tutorial by Charlene Mitchell in Adobe Photoshop or Elements.

 5 Ways to Add Text to your Digital Scrapbooking

Ideas for applying visual interest to the text in your digital scrapbooking and photo artistry pages.

  • ANY element, including text, contributes to the Balance of Design in a layout.
  • Always consider Element Properties such as size, color, style, etc…
  • Simple Adjustments often yield more complex results.

1. Establish Layout Foundation

Choose a photo and background paper for your digital scrapbooking and photo artistry layout design.

  • Create new document CTRL + N (CMD + N)  12 X 12 inches at Resolution 300 Pixels/Inch.
  • Add your photo by clicking on the image and dragging to your new Layout Foundation using the Move Tool from the Tools Panel,
  • Select the Background layer in the Layers Panel.
  • Choose an artsy or solid paper and add to your Layout Foundation.
  • Reposition photo as needed, to create room for the words or text you want to include


Words or text may refer to:

 5 Ways to Add Text to your Digital Scrapbooking

2. Choose Text Element 

Consider the Space you want to fill and the message your wish to convey.

  • Look through your supplies or in the Anna Aspnes Designs Store for WordART ideas or inspiration.
  • Experiment with Placement of text element on top of your Focal Image.
  • The BigWords Spring No. 1 offer large Characters with Opacity to embellish and convey meaning in the design.
  • Adjust the Opacity and/or apply a Blending Mode at the top of the Layers Panel to modify the effect.


  • You can also apply Layer Style effects.
  • Go to Layer> Layer Style> Bevel & Emboss
  • Enter Fill=0 so that only the effect is visible.

 5 Ways to Add Text to your Digital Scrapbooking

 5 Ways to Add Text to your Digital Scrapbooking

 5 Ways to Add Text to your Digital Scrapbooking 

3. Create a Title

Choose 2 fonts that work well together.

  • Select a Key Word/Phrase which will be The Most Important word or words, such as ‘nature.’
  • Use a decorative or striking Script font for this word or words, such as a Clarins Script font.
  • Increase the Visual Weight by making the text Larger or changing to a bold Color.  
  • Choose a Serif/Sans Serif font such as Clarins Serif for the remainder of your title.


  • In this example, Clarins Handdrawn Font Duo was used.
  • Arial Narrow was used for the author of the quote and in a much smaller font.

 5 Ways to Add Text to your Digital Scrapbooking

4. Emphasize Words

Use the Marquee Tools to circle or draw a box around words in your digital scrapbooking layout design.

  • Apply Subtle emphasis to words in your digital scrapbooking titles.
  • Select the Rectangular/Eliptical Marquee Tool from the Tools Panel and draw a rectangle/circle around each word you wish to draw attention.
  • Choose No Fill and and apply 1 pixel Line or to preference.

 5 Ways to Add Text to your Digital Scrapbooking

5. Recolor Text

Change the color of your font to preference and support your digital scrapbooking layout design and theme.

  • Select your text using the Text Tool in the Tools Panel.
  • Click on the Text Colour box at the top of your screen in Photoshop (the bottom of your screen in PhotoShop Elements.)
  • Sample a color from your digital scrapbooking page by moving your cursor over your page.
  • Notice that your cursor will transform into an Eye Dropper enabling you to select a color.
  • Click on this area (or ALT+CLICK) (OPTION + CLICK) to select.


If you are using WordART element:

  • Go to Edit> Fill> Color.
  • Click on the Contents drop-down menu and select Color to activate the Color Picker.
  • Sample or choose a Color by clicking in the dialogue box and click OK.
  • Ensure the ‘Preserve Transparency’ box is checked.
  • Black is my go-to WordART color, but you may also prefer a Dark Color Variation from your digital scrapbooking page.

 5 Ways to Add Text to your Digital Scrapbooking

6. Modify a Quote

Adjust a quote to suit your theme and the message conveyed.

  • For example, the quote is “Man. . . “
  • I wanted to change the word to “Woman” with the intention of Honoring the original quote.
  • Choose the Text Tool from the Tools Panel and select the text you want to change.
  • Type any additional text and reduce the Font Size at the top of the screen in Photoshop or the bottom of the screen in Photoshop Elements.
  • Notice how I have placed the additional letters in Brackets to denote the addition to the original quote.
  • This necessitated a shift in Placement of the other words in the title ensure the words all fit well together.

 5 Ways to Add Text to your Digital Scrapbooking

7. Additional Ideas

More ways to add text to your digital scrapbooking page.

  • Use LabeledWords from ArtPlay Palettes to provide additional context to titles.
  • Matte your titles with ScriptTease or WordStrip elements.
  • Emphasize your titles with WoodWords from WordART to create variation in your type designs.
  • Embellish your layouts with Monograms via Type or AlphaSets.
  • Create your own Focal Words using AlphaSets.


  • Sometimes just ONE small adjustment can have the biggest results.

See also:

See this Gallery Post for a detailed supply list for this layout

Further examples are:


Words impact the visual interest of your digital scrapbooking pages.

  • Select words or typography that is Interesting on its own.
  • Apply Special Effects such as Layer Styles or Blending Modes.
  • Choose fonts that work well together.
  • Create Emphasis through small adjustments.
  • Recolor your text to support your Color palette.
  • Customize words using Shapes or Brackets.
  • Vary the Type of elements used to foster Visual Interest.


Got a question about 5 Ways to Add Text to your Digital Scrapbooking? Please post below.

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