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8 Ways to Use Recipe Templates

By Monday, October 12, 2020 (MDT) 4 Comments

Happy Monday! Today we’re sharing 8 Ways to Use Recipe Templates.

8 Ways to Use Recipe Templates


Ideas and inspiration for using Recipe Template Pack No. 1.

Encourages you to:

  • Think ‘outside-the-box’ in HOW you can use theme specific templates.
  • EXTEND the usage of your templates beyond the suggested theme.
  • Have fun telling stories in UNIQUE and different ways.
8 Ways to Use Recipe Templates

Gingerbread Cookies | Adryane

1. Organize Your Recipes

Get those favorite recipes into a beautiful photo book or album and throw away those scrappy bits of paper.

  • Print a book for yourself and duplicate COPIES to make multiple personalized Holiday Gifts.
  • Use the templates individually to accommodate 6 recipe OR span your recipes across 2 pages and include more photos.
  • REPEAT the use of the templates to ORGANIZE and accommodate your recipe collection.

Try This:

  • Create a small digital artistry COMPOSITE to support your recipe text and photo.
  • Combine an Artsy Paper background with embellishments to support the theme.
  • Switch up the PLACEMENT of  ingredients/instructions text with your photos as needed.
8 Ways to Use Recipe Templates

Banana Oatmeal Pancakes | Nancy Adams

2. Add Personal Anecdotes

Personalize your recipes with your own notes and observations.

  • Copy and paste or type YOUR recipes using the text boxes provided.
  • Number the STEPS or use bullets if preferred
  • Modify the SHAPE and SIZE of the text boxes to support your recipe text.

Try This:

8 Ways to Use Recipe Templates

Country Crust Bread | Miki Krueger

3. Artsify The Experience

Use DigitalART to inject visual interest into your artsy digital scrapbooking designs.

  • Include your MEMORIES wherever possible to personalize and entertain your family and friends.
  • Support your recipes with FREE images from the internet with Finding and Using Photo Resources.
  • Use embellishments to add TENSION into your layout design.

Try This:

8 Ways to Use Recipe Templates

Recipe For The Perfect Christmas Day | Michelle James

4. Be Your Own Chef

Create your own recipe for a special day or event.

  • This is a FABULOUS way to document special traditions in your family to create a unique artsy digital scrapbooking layout.
  • Don’t just include the HOW, but the also the WHY, to pass on Life Lessons and your ‘moral code of conduct’ to future generations.
  • Include photos of your people to further PERSONALIZE your recipe for magic and happiness.

Try This:

  • Place your elements along the Stitched Grid Overlays to accentuate ALIGNMENT.
  • Notice how the embellishment cluster also Draws The Eye into the artsy digital scrapbooking layout design.
  • SUPPORT bright colors such as red with similar colored design elements in a Visual Triangle design.
8 Ways to Use Recipe Templates

My Recipe for Happiness | Viv Halliwell

5. All About You

Create a your own recipe about you using a visual story-telling approach.

Try This:

  • Extend your photo artistry beyond the stitched grid overlay.
  • Notice how the DigitalART and photos ‘spilling out’ from behind the stitching softens the sharp lines.
  • Clip your photos to FotoBlendz masks or add elements such as Transfers and Overlays.
8 Ways to Use Recipe Templates

Recipe for a Good Morning | Diane Weber

6. Celebrate The Seasons

Document how your culinary tastes change with the Seasons.

  • Combine seasonal photos with the foods you are enjoying RIGHT NOW.
  • Capture the DETAILS in documenting a part of your day at particular time of year.
  • Take photos of all the little things that you LOVE.

Try This:

  • Capture the normal mundane every day photos of your surrounds.
  • Notice how Diane has included images of both inside and out to share her morning routine.
  • Choose warm or cool color palettes to mirror MOOD and support your THEME.
8 Ways to Use Recipe Templates

Recipe | Margó Juhász

7. Document Travel

Collect and include recipes from adventures far and wide as well as closer to home.

Try This:

  • Use the same MOTIF to lead the eye through your artsy digital scrapbooking layout.
  • Add slight variation in the REPETITION to yield visual interest.
  • Notice how Margo has used lace multiple times but in DIFFERENT ways throughout her design.
8 Ways to Use Recipe Templates

Creating a Piece of Art | Trish Hoskins

8. Embellish Your Instructions

Create recipes that extend beyond the scope of food and document them in your artsy digital scrapbook.

  • Focus on how-to’s and instructions that encompass your skills, passions and hobbies.
  • What unique skills do you have that future generations might want to know?
  • Create a single page or an entire photo book collection.

Try This:


There are SO many ways to use these templates some of which also extend beyond food.

  • Organize and ‘artsify’ your unruly collection of recipes into a book or album.
  • Incorporate these templates into your memory keeping to provide a unique approach to telling your stories.
  • Extend the scope of what ‘recipe’ means, to how-tos, rules to live by and beyond…

See also:

See more artsy digital scrapbooking and photo artistry inspiration in the Gallery.

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