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ArtPlay Portiere Inspiration

By Thursday, January 26, 2023 (MST) No Comments

Inspiration for using the ArtPlay Portière Inspiration for digital scrapbooking and photo artistry in Adobe Photoshop and Elements.

This post is intended to give you guidance on using ArtPlay Palette PortièreArtsyTransfers and co-ordinating digital assets.

ArtPlay Portière Inspiration

A Streetcar Named Desire | Barbara Houston

1. Accentuate Texture/Color

Apply Blending Modes to your photos to maximize texture and color in your photo artistry layouts.

  • ‘Custom blend’ a photo over a Solid Paper from ArtPlay Palette Portiere and apply a Darken/Multiply blending mode
  • Arrange ArtPlay Palette Portiere Transfers/Overlays and experiment with blending modes such as Color Burn or Overlay.
  • Stamp brushes from ArchiTextures No. 5 on new layers and apply Blending Modes to elevate visual interest in your digital scrapbooking page.


The Stylist | Heather Prins

2. Support with Color

Apply Blending Modes to your photos to maximize texture and color in your photo artistry layouts.

  • Successful artsy digital scrapbooking layout design involves Supporting your photos with appropriate color choices.
  • Notice how most of the Color in Heather’s digital scrapbooking page have Neutral tones such as brown, pale pink and white.
  • She Leads the Eye and creates Visual Interest in her Artsy Template driven design by supporting the ‘pops’ of red in her photos.


Fab | Michelle James

3. Focus with Embellishments

Create focal points in your digital scrapbooking pages using embellishments.


More Inspiration

Click on the images below to access complete digital design supply lists and process notes.

All That Glitters | Laura Tringali Holmes

Capture | Dorina Petrovics

See the Ducks Scotty? | Susan Lacy

Us | Jerri Lantz

Chinese New Year | Diane Weber

Quaint | Viv Halliwell

Capture | Joan Robillard

Love | Nancy Adams

Capture | Marleen Kuipers

ArtPlay Swell Collection



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