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10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album

By Tuesday, March 30, 2021 (MDT) No Comments

Today, I’m sharing 10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album in your photo artistry and digital scrapbooking.

10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album

10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album


A collection of 20 – 12 X 12 artsy and blended layered templates.

  • Plentiful text boxes providing LOTS of opportunity for telling your stories.
  • A BONUS 12 X 12 ‘Intro Layout’ and ‘Cover Set’ for photo book printing.
  • All layer styles, masks, frames, brushwork, stitching, and text boxes as shown.
  • Use with the Clipping Mask Function and for recoloring in Photoshop, Elements and Paint Shop Pro.
  • Perfect for Heritage, Tribute, All About Me (AAM) and all those ‘wordy’ photo projects.

View the Extended Terms of Use for personal and commercial usage information.

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Get inspired by all the ways to use this collection of templates below:

10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album

Life is Good | Miki Krueger

1. Tell A Longer Story

These templates are perfect for stories and journaling with lots of details.

  • Type your text directly into the text boxes.
  • Go to Edit> Check Spelling (Photoshop) to avoid any spelling mistakes in your finished photo book project.
  • You can also type or Copy and Paste from a word processing program or alternative source.
10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album

Scenic Route | Michelle James

2. Modify Text Boxes

Remove text boxes to make space for more artistry.

  • Delete or Turn Off the Visibility of the text box layers.
  • Resize and Reposition as preferred.
  • Michelle also increased the Size of the FotoBlendz clipping mask layer and added DigitalART to embellish the resulting White Space.
10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album

John and Sally’s Wedding | Miki Krueger

3. Rotate a FotoBlendz

Change the orientation of a clipping mask through rotation.

  • Transform a Portrait shaped mask to a Landscape orientation and vice versa to better support your photo.
  • Use the Transform Controls or go to Edit> Transform> Rotate.
  • Notice also how Miki filled the Frames with Artsy Papers and embellished with dimensional elements in the absence of photos.

Tip. See this Useful Techniques video for further guidance on rotating elements in Adobe Photoshop and Elements.

10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album

Let Use Never Forget | Ulla-May Berndtsson

4. Add Text in Quotes

Fill the text boxes with quotes from news articles, books or other sources.

  • Using someone else’s Words can help to tell a story.
  • It also enables you to provide Context to images that you were not witness too.
  • Notice how Ulla-May converted her images to Black and White to evoke a somber mood to her digital scrapbooking layout design.
10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album

Ice Out | Joan Robillard

5. Keep It Simple

Focus on the story supported by your journaling.

  • Photos + Words.
  • Use type that is Legible in terms of Size and Font.
  • Notice how Joan has used the Default white background for her foundation and embellished with some pictorial brushes.
10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album

Barndomsminnen | Ulla-May Berndtsson

6. Combine Templates

Use layers from 2 templates to create your own custom design.

  • Create a New Layout and add the layers from both templates.
  • You can also Modify one of the templates using layers from the other design.
  • Notice how the simple embellishment supports the Color and Theme of her photos.
10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album

Life is For… | Viv Halliwell

7. Replace with WordART

Remove the textboxes and create artful impact using a title.

  • Create your own title using the Type Tool and your favorite fonts.
  • You can also Group one or more WordART elements to create a group of related words.
  • Notice how Viv has made her Title stand out by creating a Sticker Style Effect.
10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album

Vaxxed | Laura Tringali Holmes

8. Interesting Foundations

Add instant visual interest to heavily ‘worded’ digital scrapbooking layout with Solid Paper.

  • Focus on Color to create Contrast or Coordinate with your photos.
  • Choose a subtle Texture to add Visual Interest to your photo artistry.
  • Notice how Laura’s Layout Foundation supports her selection of embellishments.
10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album

Life In Full Bloom | Michelle James

8. Add Transfers

Replace the FotoBlendz Mask with Transfers.

10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album

Play Time | Diane Weber

9. Reformat Templates

Modify the templates to fit your photo book or digital scrapbooking size.

10 Ways to Use Wordy Template Album

Magic | Adryane

10. Artsy Foundation

Use a template as a foundation for your next artsy layout design.

  • Remove, Rotate and Reposition as preferred.
  • Modify elements with your own Customizations, such as the transparent label over the frame.
  • Create a Focal Point with Elements.


There are so many ways you can use the NEW Wordy Template Album

  • Use the templates as delivered to SHARE your stories in detail.
  • MODIFY and adapt to support your photos and preferences.
  • Choose a template to SPARK your next layout design.
  • Have fun, play and create photo artistry that you LOVE.

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