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13 Ways Using FotoInspired Templates

By Thursday, June 25, 2020 (MDT) 6 Comments

Today, I’m sharing 13 Ways Using FotoInspired Templates.

13 Ways to Using FotoInspired Templates

What is FotoInspired?

Learn about FotoInspired.

Aside from everyday ‘project life’ style scrapbooking and memory keeping,

These templates can also be used in the following ways.

1. Travel Albums

Document vacations and travel photos and memorabilia.

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2. Heritage Projects

Showcase little pieces of your ancestry in collage-style format.

  • Tell a story about a person, event or place from your HERITAGE.
  • Let each mask or frame contribute to BOTH the design and the story.
  • REPLACE masks with journaling or longer bodies of text.

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Misc | Viv

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Grandmother | Miki

3. Share Events

Share photos from a single or multiple events.

  • Create single OR multiple pages.
  • FOCUS on just one part of the event or tell the story from start to finish.
  • Your layout could be about PEOPLE, THINGS or PLACES.

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My First Picnic | Marnie

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4. Artsy Collages

Create a collage of images.

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Lanterns| Trish

Now | Ulla-May

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5. Collections or Series

Document a collection of similar images or photos.

  • Make this as SIMPLE as you prefer with DigitalART supplies.
  • REPLACE photos with BrushSet images.
  • Arrange your photos in the template to create BALANCE in your design.

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Shells | Marnie

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6. Greeting Cards

Create a layout design and send the image as a greeting card.

  • LIMIT the number of masks or a multiple photo frame element for your design.
  • Choose themed DigitalART to support the purpose of your card.
  • Add a greeting in place of the typical layout TITLE.

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Holiday Greeting | Christy

7. Resize and Reformat

Change the size of one or more of the template layers.

  • Select ALL the layers in the Layers Panel and RESIZE as preferred.
  • This approach provides more WHITE SPACE for the artistry and design.
  • Reduce the SIZE of the layers enables you to frame your composition.

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Love This | Viv

8. Custom Designs

Use individual FotoInspired layers to build your own layout design.

  • Turn off the VISIBILITY of layers in a template.
  • MOVE one or more layers to a NEW layout design.
  • REPOSITION and ROTATE the layers as preferred.

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9. Supporting Embellishment

Elevate your FotoInspired layouts with a variety of dimensional elements and BrushSet images to support your photos.

  • Select colors and motifs that support the THEME of your design.
  • Place elements in areas of WHITE SPACE or to lead the eye and create a FOCAL POINT.
  • RECOLOR frames to create CONTRAST.

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Floral Rhapsody | Joan

Home | Laura

So Surprised | Nancy

10. Filter Effects

Apply filters to edit your photos and embellish the story.

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Next Stop | Ulla-May

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11. Art Journaling

Omit the photos and focus on the words.

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Serenity | Viv

Change | Viv

12. Easy ArtyKardz 

Use ArtsyKardz with your FotoInspired Templates.

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Var | Ulla-May

Grow | Joan

Be | Viv

13. Offset Extractions

The linear design of these templates makes your extracted photos shine.

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Daisies | Miki

Up Not Down | Linda

Pansies | Linda

Soccer | Nancy


FotoInspired Templates are as versatile as they are varied.

These templates can:

  • Support ANY type of photo.
  • May be used in single, double or multiple format different photo PROJECTS.
  • Be MODIFIED as preferred to create your own CUSTOM designs.

Click here to see the FotoInspired Template series.

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